2012 Haven Hill Festival to Feature Livingston A’s Vintage Model A Ford Driving Club Cars

The 2012 Haven Hill Festival at Highland State Recreation Area will have something for everyone to enjoy, and a very special display for vintage car enthusiasts!

On Saturday, August 25, at Goose Meadow in the Highland State Recreation Area, the Livingston A’s (members of the Model A Restorers Club, MARC, www.modelaford.org) will bring a collection of their beautiful Model A Ford automobiles for display. The A’s have driven their fine Ford automobiles to the Haven Hill Festival every year since its inception in 2009 as dedicated supporters of the Friends of Highland Recreation Area.

Above: A beautiful Model A Ford owned by Tom and Dianna Mosier, members of the Livingston A’s.

The Livingston A’s own many absolutely gorgeous Model A Ford cars of all types and colors. Between 1928 and 1932 nearly 5 million of nine different body styles of Model A Fords were sold across America, 5 million! Prices ranged from $385 for a base model, to $1400 for the top-of-the-line “Town Car”. The design team for the Model A was led by Henry Ford’s son Edsel, who with his wife Eleanor and their children were the original residents of the beautiful Haven Hill Estate that is now the location of the Highland State Recreation Area and the Haven Hill Festival.

The Friends of Highland Recreation Area wish to thank the Livingston A’s for their dedication to the Haven Hill Festival and the sincere efforts of the Friends of Highland Recreation Area support group.

Come on out and see the “A’s” on August 25th.




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