About This Blog and FOHRA

This Blog is managed and maintained by the volunteers of  the organization Friends of Highland Recreation Area, aka “FOHRA”.

The Friends of Highland Recreation Area are a group who’s mission is to rehabilitate and preserve the vast educational resources of the Haven Hill complex and the Highland State Recreation Area in White Lake/Highland, Michigan, USA.

Send us an e-mail at fohravolunteer@gmail.com if you’re interested in getting involved with our effort, or visit fohravolunteers.org for even more information.


3 thoughts on “About This Blog and FOHRA

  1. Diane Brady

    Yes, My husband and I are very interested in helping to restore these buildings. The barn is very cool, maybe the carriage house and cabin are restorable also. How can we best help? We have restored a house we own built in 1890 and we got permits and it took a while….. and the inspectors were not always our best friends but we made it through all the red tape and now rent the house. I imagine the permits for these buildings will be interesting. D

  2. pam sienk

    Great picture of the top-o-the-hill cleanup & the arch from Sunday, Oct. 12th. Wonderful weather was just waiting for more folks to come & join the fun of seeing the area come back into the present. See you next clean-up day.


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