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1st Snow Brings 15+ Inches on November 21st to White Lake, Michigan Area!

Although it melted VERY quickly, the 1st snow of the 2015/2016 winter was a doozy in the Highland/White Lake, Michigan area.

Big snow at Highland Rec Area, Michigan in November, 2015

Big snow at Highland Rec Area, Michigan in November, 2015


Snow Snake Numbers Expected to Increase at Highland State Recreation Area in 2014

Experts predict that the annual winter emergence of snow snakes in Highland State Recreation Area in White Lake/Highland, Michigan to approach or exceed record numbers this year. Good snow fall amounts and low temperatures are conducive to excellent numbers within the parks’ boundaries.  National Weather Service forecasts include temperatures below freezing for several weeks leading up to the winter count at the Edsel Ford Barn within the Recreation Area. Haven Hill area hillsides, trails, lakes, fields, and forests are currently snow-covered and provide excellent locations for the colorful snakes. The Chief Pontiac Programs Committee of the Boy Scouts of America is organizing a Sunday, January 26 event, which is expected to attract a good number of snakes and participants this year.

Friends of Highland Recreation Area volunteers help out with setting up the event and gathering data. “At last year’s event we counted many beautiful snakes”, said Jay Fitzgerald, Friends of Highland Rec volunteer at the event. “Most were 36 inches in length, although we had some even longer than that. And all had beautiful coloration”, he said. “Some of these snakes move very fast, and if you’re not watching closely one might go right by you as a blur of color before you even know it.”

The 2014 Snow Snake event at the Edsel Ford Barn recreates the traditional Native American winter sport of “snowsnake”. Children (and some adults) hurtle their hand-made wooden snakes down a track for maximum distance. Below are some photos from last year’s event (January 2013).

More information regarding this year’s Snow Snake activities can be found at the Chief Pontiac Programs Committee website. A flyer is also downloadable. Come on out to Highland State Recreation Area on Sunday, January 26, 2014 for some great snow snake viewing. Warm warm warm clothing is suggested of course, and a great spirit of enjoyment for cool winter activity! Seeing a snow snake is a truly rare and special experience!

Snow Snakes Return to Highland Recreation Area

The Chief Pontiac Trail Committee of the Boy Scouts of America with support of the Friends of Highland Recreation Area (FOHRA) helped kids young and old release their snow snakes in Highland State Recreation Area today. A great time was had by all as the snakes slithered and slid through the snow this year.

The event is held yearly near the Haven Hill Edsel Ford Barn in Highland State Recreation Area, Highland/White Lake, Michigan. Snow Snake racing is a fun winter activity with roots in Native American sport.

Snakes Released in Heavy Snow at Haven Hill

The snow and snakes were flying at the Chief Pontiac Trail Snow Snake Event, held on Sunday, January 29 this year. Everyone had great fun racing their snakes even as snow fell throughout the day at the Edsel Ford Barn.

Snow Snaking at Edsel Ford Barn January 29, 2012

The scouts sponsored the event which was supported by the Friends of Highland Recreation Area (FOHRA). This years’ event was in jeopardy of being cancelled due to lack of snow, but snow began to fall the weekend of the event and permitted filling of the wooden snow snake track for everyone to enjoy.

Families enjoyed snow snaking in 2012 even in heavy snow.

Snow snakes of all designs and colors were let loose at Highland State Recreation Area in White Lake, Michigan on Sunday.

Snow Snake Loose!

The Edsel Ford Barn, which is being rebuilt by the volunteer organization Friends of Highland Recreation Area, was the backdrop for this years’ Snow Snake event…

Edsel Ford Barn in Snow, Copyright FOHRA 2012

Get outside and enjoy the outdoors this winter at Highland Recreation Area!

Mild Weather Affecting Snow Snake Arrival?

So far we’ve had no big snows in Highland Recreation Area, Michigan this year… and with temperatures above freezing each day the favorite winter habitat for snow snakes is scarce! But rest assured that this years’ snow snake migration will arrive soon. To hold you over until the season really begins, I’ve assembled some snow snake information from around the web:

Snow Snake Lore – Some Terms and Descriptions:

Snow Snakes and Winter Sports: The nemisis of skiers and boarders in snowy climates the world over, snow snakes sometimes like to warm them shelves on steep snow-covered slopes. Their white color makes them impossible to see while skiing or snow boarding. Often the cause for unxplained wipe outs. – Urban Dictionary

Boot-Stealing Snow Snakes: A snake that travels under deep snow commonly in the area of upper michigan that causes you to loose your boot. The only way to catch one is to go to the deep snow in the middle of a field with a fishing net and six- pack of beer. – Urban Dictionary

“..that snow snake took my boot! Help me dig it out!”

Butt-Biter Snow Snakes: Some folks suggest that you always be very careful using the outdoor latrine while camping in winter. The snow snake is known to sometimes bite when it feels endangered.

“… be careful out there, a snow snake might bite you on the butt.”

2011/2012 Snow Snake Races Information

Information about the 2011/2012 Snow Snake events can be obtained by heading on over to the Chief Pontiac Trail website Here.

Also you can download the information flyer Here.

Slick SNake!