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1st Snow Brings 15+ Inches on November 21st to White Lake, Michigan Area!

Although it melted VERY quickly, the 1st snow of the 2015/2016 winter was a doozy in the Highland/White Lake, Michigan area.

Big snow at Highland Rec Area, Michigan in November, 2015

Big snow at Highland Rec Area, Michigan in November, 2015


Snow Snake Migration Expected to Return to Highland State Recreation Area This Winter

The Friends of Highland Recreation Area and the Chief Pontiac Trail Committee of the Boy Scouts of America are expecting the annual Snow Snake migration to return to Highland Recreation Area in February of 2015. Snow Snake season typically begins each year as the snow depth reaches 3 to 5 inches, although a covering of even an inch has been enough to afford some lucky folks a sighting of a few of these amazing winter reptiles. A snake watching event is planned for Sunday, February 8, 2015 near the Edsel Ford Barn in Highland/White Lake, Michigan.

A “hot spot” for sightings every year at Highland State Recreation Area seems to be around the historic Edsel Ford Barn. Both adults and children enjoy seeing the snow snakes. See the information flyer HERE.  And a great “How To” video below…

For a truly unique experience in the outdoors come and see the Snakes at the Edsel Ford Barn on February 8, 2015.

Chief Pontiac Trail Committee site for this great activity HERE.

Snow Snake Races 2014 a Great Day in the Park!

Everyone had a winter blast of fun at the annual Snow Snake races in Highland State Recreation Area near the Edsel Ford Barn on Sunday, February 9th. Cold weather was staved off by warm hearts of children and adults as they whizzed the home made snow snakes down the tracks.

The 2014 Snow Snake event at the Edsel Ford Barn recreates the traditional Native American winter sport of “snowsnake”. Children (and some adults) hurtle their hand-made wooden snakes down a track for maximum distance.

The Chief Pontiac Programs Committee of the Boy Scouts of America is organized the event.


New Construction at Edsel Ford Barn!

The sound of hammers and ice scrapers could be heard at the Edsel Ford Barn this Sunday, February 12, 2012 as the Friends of Highland Recreation Area drove the first new nails into lumber to rebuild the sleeping Barn. Despite frigid cold and windy weather, the intrepid volunteers completed two new wall sections which will be joined with four more over the coming weeks. These new wall will be installed to begin the rebuild of the outer “sheds” on the East and West sides of the structure probably sometime in March.

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All images Copyright Jay Fitzgerald, FOHRA.

Great job team! If you’d like to help, contact the Friends via FOHRA.org.

Some Winter Finally Arrives on Haven Hill!

What an odd year for weather in Highland State Recreation Area so far! Not much snow, days of warm air above freezing, and days of short  cold, but not enough to even freeze area lakes 100%. Rough season for ice fishermen. This week the temperatures finally got down to 2 degrees, and 2 to 4 inches of snow fell on Friday night at Haven Hill.

Above: The Carriage House on top of Haven Hill in a fresh blanket of snow on Saturday.

Families enjoyed the sledding hill at the circle lot yesterday. The grass is finally covered with snow. Hopefully it will last for a while.

Above: The Carriage House on Haven Hill

Next weekend, on Sunday the 29th of January, the Chief Pontiac Trail committee will have snow snake races at the Edsel Ford Barn. Bring your pet snake and let him (or her) run free at the Edsel Ford Barn. Google to the Chief Pontiac Trail website for more info.

Above: The Gate House at Haven Hill at the entrance to Highland State Recreation Area.

Will the snow last? Well at the time of the writing of this post, the weather man is already calling for high temperatures back up near 50 degrees tomorrow (1/23/12) and a chance of thunderstorms. Get outside and enjoy the snow while it lasts!